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    Pre-Funding Event For METRA Tokens Starts December 31th.

    We are building on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain platforms.

    Our tokens have full compatibility with any ERC-20 third-party wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

    We are also working to develop EOS and XRP compatible tokens.
Pre-Funding Starts

ICO Start - March, 2019 (9:00AM EST)

Indiegogo Pre Funding Starts

December 31, 2018 (9:00AM EST)

METRA Token Sale

100,000,000 METRA (-20%)

Indiegogo Fre-Funding Ends

February 31, 2019 (9:00AM EST)

Pre-Funding METRA Token Price


Acceptable Currencies


Minimal transaction amount

= to $100.00

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Pre Funding Starts:

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About 452 Impact452 Impact


Dvelopment prices start at: $325 hour...
Hosting plan prices are based on:
Server type and option selections...

Our Specialties Include:


Smart Contract Development- DApps Development- Blockchain Devlopment- Crytpocurrency Development- Ethereum Blockchain Development- Serverless Computing Development- SaaS Integration- Mobile Development- Domain Registration- Web Design Development- Dedicated Server Hosting- Blockchain Hosting Services- Custom ERC20 Token Development- Full Stack Blockchain Development- Hyperledger Development- Supply Chain Blockchain Develolpment-and much more.

These services are performed by our Smart Development Division

For 16+ years we've successfully ran a Web Services Business.

Our customers don't buy from us based on price.. they buy because we give the greatest customer service in the world!

We "officially" started out back in 2002 as WebHostingOasis just doing web design. Today WebHostingOasis is a dba. Over the years we have grown to provide a Tri-Metra plex of web services. We incorporated all our web services in 2011 under the Corporate name of 452 Impact, LLC in Virginia. In 2014 we converted from a LLC (452 Impact, LLC) dba Webhostingoasis to a Corporation. (452 Impact, Inc) 452 Impact, Inc offers: SaaS Integration - Mobile Development - Domain Registration - Web Design Development - SEO Services - Web Marketing - Dedicated Server Hosting - Blockchain Hosting Services and more...This hosting division takes many forms of crypto currency for payment, as well as, our Metra Tokens. This web services division is based on an easy-to-use platform, as well as, the most ask for platform, the Cpanel along with WHM, WebMail, Softaculous and much more.


We are dedicated to the decentralization of the web. We’re reinventing how Web Services are utilized today using the Etherum Blockchain.

To learn more about our services

Contract Us Here

452 Services452 Services

99.999% of the existing web solution providers on the internet today only offer BASIC web services. Less than 1% of all web services companies are actually working to solve current or future problems with the centralized web.

The web as we know it now needs to become decentralized so the users can regain control and privacy. The world's computers are changing.
For those unaware, Quantum Computer processing is headed our way. This will rip thru security on the web as we know it today, as well as, blockchain security as it stands today. (Learn more about Quantum) We know the future problems at hand and while we do provide our customers with many web services, as well as, The World's Best Customer Service. We are re-designing a way to build a quantuam blockchain secured, useful, & easy-to-use product based on multiple blockchains starting with Ethereum. This includes easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system in the future.

Our Divisional Web Services Include:

We Guarantee 100% Satisifaction.
We Guarantee to provide World Class Customer Service or your hosting is Free for the term of the hosting plan.
We Guarantee to provide a real 100% Uptime SLA Our customers are protected by our 100% Network & Power Uptime Guarantees. All this is backed by our CEO's word that he will pay 10x (1,000%) compensation for downtime.

452 Impact Blockchain Web Services Graph

1 - *Hosting Services:

SaaS Integration - Mobile Development - Domain Registration - Web Design Development - SEO Services - Web Marketing - Dedicated Server Hosting - Blockchain Hosting Services and more...

*These web services are performed by our
US & European Hosting Services Division:

2 - *Speciality Development Services:

Smart Contract Development- DApps Development- Blockchain Devlopment- Cryptocurrency Gateway Payment Development- Quantum Secured Blockchain Development - EOS-XRP - Ethereum Blockchain Development - Serverless Computing Development - Custom ERC20 Token Development - BaaS - EthaaS - XRPaaS - Full Stack Blockchain Development - Hyperledger Development - Supply Chain Blockchain Develolpment and more...

*These services are performed by our
Smart Development Division:


452 Mission Statement Mission Statement

452 Impact Blockchain Web Services Mission
452 Impact Blockchain Web Services Purpose

AT 452 Impact, Inc P.U.R.P.O.S.E. is our value system.

Here's A Few Ways Why

  • PURPOSE sets the Standards of Conduct.
  • PURPOSE keeps us from drifting away from our values.
  • PURPOSE is a filter to process our decisions through.
  • PURPOSE helps moral principles without sacrificing others.
  • PURPOSE helps us to hold ourselves accountable.
  • PUPOSE reminds us to always be compassionate.
  • PURPOSE helps us not to ignore how we handle problems.

Our Roadmap RoadMap

August 2018

Start SEC ICO Prep.

September 2018

Preparation For
Pre-Funding Token Event

October 2018

Start Building an ICO Legal Team

December 2018

Start Indiegogo ICO
Pre-Funding Event

February 2019

End Token/ICO
Pre-Funding Event

March 2019

Start The ICO Funding Event

May 2019

May 2019

End ICo Funding Event

June 2019

Expand Quantum and Blockhain Teams

June 2019

METRA Utility Token Conversion Distribution

June 2019

September METRA Security Coin Distribution

Partners & Vendors452 Partners

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Our development prices start at $200 hour
Hosting pricing is based on the Server requirements
Got Needs or Questions? Reach out to us tell us what you looking for and we’ll get back to you shortly.